20 years of Spiritual Care

The Spiritual Care programme was founded in 1993. To celbrate its 20 years of activity the summer 2013 issue of View Magazine focuses on the theme of creating a compassionate society.

  • We explore the fast-developing movement to establish empathy and compassion as guiding principles for life in the 21st century, reporting on two recent international conferences.
  • Sogyal Rinpoche shares teachings that capture the essence of training in compassion and caring for someone who is dying.
  • Christine Longaker describes how the Spiritual Care Programme has developed a unique approach that has reached more than 30,000 healthcare professionals and supported many people facing illness and loss.
  • Inspiring stories of creating and leading innovative courses, providing training in hospitals and hospices, looking after others, establishing spiritual care centres and reaching out to the wider world to raise awareness.
Plus moving personal accounts of living with illness, transforming grief, and caring for victims of tragedy.

A selection of articles are available online too.

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